Operation Nina 5

Operation Nina 5
April 16-23rd


What is Operation Nina 5?
Welcome to Operation Nina 5! This season we are here to lend a hand to Hawkye. He has been a friend to Nina The Wizard for well over a decade and a supporter of the ON marathons from the very start. He is in need of assistance himself due to severe dental issues. Dental care is expensive and the situation has become so severe that Hawkye's friends and family are seriously concerned for his well being. Any and all donations go directly to Hawkye and will be toward his Dental expenses.

Below are some of Hawkye's own words on the subject:

Hello friends, I'm Hawkye L. Narasumas, amateur YouTuber, frequent guest on Bad Fanfiction Theater, and previous supporter of Operation Nina. In 2005, my teeth began to deteriorate. It was slightly before then that my front teeth started to erode away, but I remember vividly the day in 2005 when I was working at Coors Field and biting down on a corn chip caused a piece to break off of one of my molars. Since then, my teeth have continued to decay and break into painful, unusable shards. I have been told by reliable medical sources (and mothers) that the pain I experienced daily was considered worse than giving birth. During the past decade I have sought medical help in many places, only to be turned down for help, or to have deals made and then broken. 
How Can I Donate
How to Donate:
By clicking the PayPal button to the right you will be directed to a page that goes directly Hawkye's PayPal account.

All proceeds will go directly to Hawkye. There are several ways other ways to help #ON5 and #HelpHawk!
Our Team

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What Else Can I Do?
How else can you help Operation Nina 5:
  1. Tweet and Re-tweet about Operation Nina 5 and that we are raising money to help Hawkye. 
  2. Spread the word to friends and family about the marathon! Social Media is a great way to help spread the word and help          us in our goals!
  3. Sign up to cast for the marathon! Donating your time is just as important as donating financially. (to sign up to cast contact either Ish244 or NinaTheWizard using the information in the Contacts Section)
  4. Donate! Every little bit helps Hawkye with his expenses.